Mobile Office

Alberta’s construction and oil and gas industries have seen tremendous pressures of late from crumbling oil prices to devastating wildfires and floods. However, in the wake of all that chaos, Albertans have started returning to work, rebuilding their homes, and developing environmentally conscious drilling and refining processes. While some are still struggling on the economic margins, for many it has meant they are busier than ever with on-site personnel requirements returning to an all-time high.

The result is a greater need than ever for mobile office space and quality lavatories in remote locations. Fortunately, Sentag Trailer Manufacturing offers one of the newest and constantly expanding rental fleets in the Alberta market. With clean ready to use units, and flexible building sizes and configurations, it is easy to find something that will satisfy your company’s rental needs. If you need to purchase your mobile office solution, Sentag Trailer Manufacturing trailers typical offer:

  • Central Heating and A/C;
  • Flexible layouts;
  • Various furniture options;
  • Skid mounted or wheeled chassis for easy transportation; and
  • Onsite setup.

A mobile office is just that - an off-site, trimmed down, simplified version of an office that allows you to spend your time getting work done rather than commuting. Untethering yourself from a stationary office provides easier mobility, increases your focus so you can get more done, improves your work-life balance, provides constant fresh inspirations, makes collaborate easier, and simplify your life making for more enjoyable days both at and away from work.

If you just rented a mobile office trailer for the first time, or it’s been a while since your last rental, here’s a quick look at what you’ll need to do on site for the delivery and set up process.

First, a dispatcher will call you in advance to confirm delivery location, site specifics, and special directions if needed. Once confirmed, your responsibility before deliver is to:

  • Clear a path for the building to enter your site and area where it will be located, plus an additional 6 feet on all sides.
  • Level the ground under the building.
  • Compact the surface so that the building remains level.
  • If anchors will be installed, reach the Before You Dig hotline to mark underground utilities.

Where you place your office trailer on your site can have a tremendous impact on workflow, productivity, safety, and costs. When it comes to placement:

  • Paved or compacted gravel are best, but a firm dirt foundation works too, so long as it is level. Avoid areas where water drainage or pooling water may be a problem.
  • Make sure there is room the delivery and removal of your office trailer, and for any local deliveries. Keep the building and walkways a safe distance from the work area.
  • Place your building with a clear view of your work area and site entry points, but far enough away from the work area so visitors without personal protective equipment can safely approach the building. It’s also a good ideas to check if there are any local safety requirements.

Once delivered:

  • Your driver will ask you to sign paperwork acknowledging receipt of your building.
  • You’ll find trailer information inside your building with some helpful tips regarding maintenance and equipment operation and who to call with questions or issues.
  • Additional services and accessories (such as decking) are installed as scheduled.

Since 2006 Sentag Trailer Manufacturing has been producing modular buildings for a multitude of uses throughout the country. Whether you are looking to purchase or need a rental unit, contact Sentag Trailer Manufacturing using our handy online forms or call 780-454–6517 today.