Rent or Purchase a Mobile or Trailer Office in Edmonton!

When you need on-the-spot office space at your construction site or new development, call Sentag Trailer Manufacturing to rent or purchase a trailer office in Edmonton. Our versatile mobile offices can fit in confined spaces and still provide you and your crew all the functionality of any downtown office along with ample space for team meetings, client consultations and more. Our open-plan trailers can be configured as offices, storage space, lunchrooms and classrooms to give you a cost-effective solution for temporary space.

Benefits of a Mobile Office Over a Permanent Building

Whether you need classroom space during construction or renovation, temporary space due to some kind of damage or disaster, or an office at a construction worksite, the benefits of a mobile office over purchasing a permanent building are substantial. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing a Sentag trailer office in Edmonton:

  • Convenience: If you work in an industry that is often relocating or you need a trailer office to fit your current needs with room to grow, our portable trailer offices are tailored to your business.
  • Productivity: There are huge advantages that come with being onsite during a work project. For faster communication with your team and quicker retrieval of materials, a trailer office might be your solution to more productivity on the job.
  • Customizability: Our modular complexes can range from a two-unit design all the way to a multi-storey complex. Sentag Trailer Manufacturing customizes trailers to meet your specific business or corporation’s needs!
  • Affordability: Reduce your fixed costs and boost your profit margin by renting an onsite Sentag trailer office for temporary needs.

Fully Self-Contained and Customizable Trailer Offices

Sentag trailer offices are designed to provide you with a professional office environment, regardless of where they’re located. With central heating and AC, self-contained water and waste, and various furniture options, the trailer offices from Sentag Trailer Manufacturing are used as mobile offices for a variety of businesses in a range of industries.

We have standard trailer layouts but as trailer manufacturers, Sentag Trailer Manufacturing can offer you personalized options. Whether you need open layout plans or more individualized office spaces, our mobile offices can be fitted to your specific requirements. Separate units can also be stacked or joined together to create the customized space you need!

What to Look for When Choosing Mobile Office Space

If you’re not sure what you need in a mobile office space, visit Sentag Trailer Manufacturing to see some of the possibilities. Whether you rent or purchase an existing trailer or ask us to manufacture a custom unit for you, we can help you better understand current and future needs and build a mobile office that grows and changes with you. We offer a variety of options in accessories such as steps, partition walls, furniture, skirting and security features to make your trailer office safer, more comfortable and more attractive.

Sentag Trailer Manufacturing has provided high quality, durable trailer offices for Edmonton businesses for years. Our mobile offices meet the Edmonton plumbing, building, electrical, and mechanical codes and regulations to ensure the safety of your team. We’ve built a long-standing reputation with clients in a variety of industries based on our timely delivery, outstanding ongoing service and the superb quality of the trailers we manufacture.

Contact us today to discuss a mobile or trailer office for your business! You can also request a quote or request service with our convenient eforms.